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About us


AUÚP ČR (Association for Urban and Regional Planning of the Czech Republic) is a voluntary association of professionals dealing with the formation and regulation of both urban and rural settlements and landscapes.

We are a full member of the European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP-CEU) - an independent organization of similar professional associations from almost all EU countries and some other candidate countries.


Our mission

Our goal is to influence human behavior towards the optimal development of residential structures, the harmonious arrangement of the territory, maintaining ecological balance and preservation of cultural heritage.

We strive to better integrate urban and regional planning in the broader social context, to increase the professional level of planners and the quality of their work, to share ideas and experiences.

As an independent and non-political organization we seek to be a professional base for public administration.


Our activities

Every year we organize for our members and other professionals two conferences, each on a different topic in the field of urban planning, where we invite leading experts to lecture on the topic. The contributions of these conferences are published in conference proceedings.

Another event is the annual workshop, focusing particularly on sharing of experiences and best practices of practicing planners, and the discussion of problematic aspects of the profession.

We also regularly organize excursions abroad, associated with exploring the local planning culture, and successful developments.

An important part of our activity is also independent professional advice for regions and municipalities in the field of spatial and strategic planning, building regulations and assessment of investment projects and development concepts.

For state institutions and civil society organizations we offer expert services, in particular in the form of commenting on laws, regulations, standards and other measures in the field of construction, conservation of nature and historical heritage.